Wednesday, June 12, 2019

BirthControl03 - Dödens Väderstreck 'I De Världsuppslukande Vågorna av Eld' Cassette

We are proud to announce our third release, from the Swedish artist Dödens Väderstreck (also recording under the names Instrument of Torture and Världsbrand). Truly gritty, dead atmospheres inspired by harsh noise wall. One massive composition with a tomblike atmosphere. Baptism by world-immersing waves of fire. Fiendish and diabolical sound manipulations barely detectable to the puppet being controlled from offstage. Smouldering, sizzling, respirating industrial noise for anti-musical extremists. Subtle changes progress as pure audio-fetishistic nihilism washes over you. Burn the world!

40-minute piece dubbed to both sides of a pro-C90. Black tapes with pro J-Card. Limited to 36 copies. $6US on Storenvy or €5 on Discogs. Orders can also be placed by direct communication with

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