Thursday, August 18, 2022

BirthControl12X13: ABUSE POTENTIAL - Summer God Dying free online release

New this month: ABUSE POTENTIAL’s ‘Summer God Dying’ is a personal and direct messsage from the artist to you about moments in time and their connection within the brain to other moments in time. An electronic ritual for the Deathless One. Eternal Return and mighty Nigredo. A loathesome motley of new and old material aspiring to the power electronics, death industrial and death ambient genres. Digital-only PWYW at

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

BirthControl12 - Zombie Deer 'Zombie Deer' cassette

 After a not-inconsiderable stasis, we at BIRTH CONTROL PRODUCTIONS are very pleased to finally present another addition to our catalogue.

Shipping now, BirthControl12 is the FIRST EVER cassette release from the controversial ZOMBIE DEER—the multi-genre cult project broadcasting from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Guilty party Jim Deer, seasoned superspreader of outsider aural horrors under this and other monikers (to wit: PIPELINEEXPLOSION and 7 DOLLAR SOUND CARD), is a frantic original who seems to shred the blueprint and start fresh every time he adds a new release to his extensive and growing online trove of self-released experiments (also some works on the GATES OF HYPNOS, IMPLODING SOUNDS and NAILED NAZARENE INDUSTRIES netlabels, and a CD EP on the latter’s NAILED PHYSICALS imprint).

On this self-titled excursion, our very own uncategorizable and unpredictable Sir Jim once more reanimates The Deer, this time as two churning, slowly mutating 15-minute viral loads of layered static noise… delightfully trance-inducing and, upon less altered listening, disclosing subtle power electronics and electroacoustic influences from its surging depths, this bleak and brooding NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED album paints a feverish abstract portrait of a profaned planet upon which hope is only an echo and Life itself is swiftly losing the monopoly on authenticity. 

As with most of the BCP catalogue to date, ZOMBIE DEER’s ‘Zombie Deer’ PRO-C30 will be available only in its physical edition— in this case of a VERY LIMITED 36 COPIES…. so act now.




Wednesday, June 9, 2021

BirthControl11 - BLOOD OF CHHINNAMASTIKA 'Primeval Force' cassette

BirthControl11 is the ‘Primeval Force’ cassette from San Jose CA’s BLOOD OF CHHINNAMASTIKA. 60 minutes of titanic new material from one of the most thematically and sonically complex power electronics projects active today. The undefeatable D. (Botched Facelift, A Fashionable Disease, Lycanthropic Legions of Noise / ran The Pet Goat, runs Aberrant Recordings) combines the technical skill of a trained musician with the lateral spontaneity of a shaman, creating chaotic audio nightmares of frantic cut-ups, multifaceted synthesis, hyper-modulated no-input feedback, screams of the damned and the possessed in the underworld, and much more.

D. and Birth Control Productions are in agreement that ‘Primeval Force’ is some of the strongest BOC material to date, continuing and refining the artists’s exploration of insanity, despair and yogic mysticism. A tortuous and torturous tour-de-force. This shit will fuck you up!!

Cassette limited to 50-hand numbered copies. €5 or $6US. Ships from Ireland.

Order via Storenvy or in our Discogs shop. Mailorder:

No fun/No core/No mosh/No download.

Listen to a track here:

Thursday, April 22, 2021

BirthControl10 - Cremation Science 'Pure Bone Ash' cassette

Sweden’s Pierre B Jonsson has been performing experiments in industrial noise since the late 90s, but it was not until the late 2010s that this sequestered anchorite decided to begin sharing his demonic findings with the world. In addition to releasing under his own name, he has employed a range of pseudonyms, among them V
ÄRLDSBRAND (see BirthControl06, 2019’s split CDr with ABUSE POTENTIAL), DÖDENS VÄDERSTRECK (see BirthControl03, the ‘I De Världsuppslukande Vågorna Av Eld’ C90, also released in 2019), GALGBACKEN, ICKE-GLÄDJE, INSTRUMENT OF TORTURE, MPK877, NIGHTMARE KULTURE, NIHILISTIC ENTOMBMENT OF A DISMEMBERED CORPSE, THE PROVOCATEUR, and UNATTESTED. In just a few years he has built up an impressive discography of releases on a variety of small labels as well as through his own Hidden Words Productions imprint.

Today we’re pleased to announce this prolific artist’s third outing with Birth Control Productions, this time in his CREMATION SCIENCE manifestation, a project that debuted in 2020 with the ‘Bleeding Earth Dry’ tape on Solium Records. 

The ‘Pure Bone Ash’ C40 (BirthControl10) contains 4 potent 10-minute emanations of dry and morbid industrial harsh noise, evoking a journey through a world without hope, beginning in rage and ending in numbness. There are some elements here of the ritualistic sound associated with the VÄRLDSBRAND moniker, but these cuts are entirely more necrotic, their carefully-controlled violence interred within a bleak, crypt-like atmosphere. Fans of PROIEKT HAT, ATRAX MORGUE or MOLOCH’s ‘Humane Too Sheeps’ album will very much enjoy this material.

‘Pure Bone Ash’ is for sale now in a hand-numbered edition of 50 professionally duplicated cassettes with double-sided glossy j cards. Copies are €5 / $6 each. 

Orders can be placed through Discogs, Storenvy, or by direct email to Ships from Ireland.

No digital download of the album will be made available, but one track can be heard on the BCP Soundcloud page:

Friday, April 9, 2021

BirthControl09 - 8HourAnimal 'Armsanxhor' cassette

8HourAnimal, NYC's enigmatic purveyor of psychedelic industrial noise, released his debut album ‘Pejorative’ as a cassette on Birth Control Productions in late 2019. Now our small guerrilla operation is proud to announce the release of the artist’s sophomore recording, ‘Armsanxhor’.

This 70-minute work consists of two long tracks recorded in early 2020. Less anguished and claustrophobic than ‘Pejorative’, but just as full of brown acid, these expansive sessions invite comparisons to the 1970s industrial midwifery of Throbbing Gristle or SPK. We also detect traces of the esoteric guitar-noise styles advanced by such “cult” projects as Uncommunity, Skullflower, Gog, Pacific 231 and Maeror Tri. Astute listeners may detect scrambled notes of krautrock and shoegaze in the sounds also.

Insistent machine rhythms, shrieking feedback, alienating electronic drones, and freakishly beautiful clashes between textures dominate this layered and immersive excursion into roughness. A mordant sense of compositional humour belies the intensity and knack that clearly went into the creation of this passionate industrial document, a release that stands proudly with one foot in the past of ‘noise’ and one in its future... if it has one.

8HourAnimal’s ‘Armsanxhor’ is strictly limited to 50 copies on pro-duped black C90 tapes, with one track per side. Includes hand-numbered, pro-printed J cards. 

Tapes are €5 or $6US each. Orders can be placed through Discogs, Storenvy or by direct email to:

A brief excerpt of side A can be heard at the Birth Control Productions Soundcloud page:

Friday, March 19, 2021

Out now on Cult of Osiris: ABUSE POTENTIAL - The Mass Psychology of Misery

 EDIT 24/3/2021: the tape version is now available at the Cult of Osiris Bandcamp page

The new full-length album from ABUSE POTENTIAL has arrived on the UK’s Cult of Osiris. It is the label’s first release without guitars…

‘The Mass Psychology of Misery’ is a raw death industrial/power electronics audiodocumentary exploring anarchoprimitivism, psychosis and the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre from a morally indifferent point of view. 40 minutes of décadent schizo-noise straight from the limbic system of an exhausted animal in a cage.

Available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and in a specially-mastered limited edition of 30 C90 tapes with the full album dubbed to both sides. 

EDIT 9/4/2021: Availability of the cassette version through Cult of Osiris has been temporarily suspended. The digital version has been moved to the Abuse Potential Bandcamp page for the time being:

Saturday, February 27, 2021

SURROGATE ACTIVITY - Old Growth (IS#405) [Digital and CDr]

The new album from Abuse Potential side-project Surrogate Activity is now available from Imploding Sounds in digital and pro-CDr formats.

Three tracks of layered harsh noise with a strong HNW influence. An exploration of old growth forest sites in the Republic of Ireland.

Art and design by Z. and Birth Control Productions.

BirthControl12X13: ABUSE POTENTIAL - Summer God Dying free online release

New this month: ABUSE POTENTIAL’s ‘Summer God Dying’ is a personal and direct messsage from the artist to you about moments in time and thei...